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Outback steel buildings||||

“The Different Steel Building”  

Steelcraft Designs Unlimited is an authorized distributor for Outback Steel Buildings. Outback Steel Buildings is an internationally established steel building company that engineers and manufactures clear span (G-90) galvanized steel frame buildings in the United States, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. With our Outback Calc software, Steelcraft Designs Unlimited can design your building to meet your preferences in minutes instead of days or weeks like other companies.

Entry and garage doors||||

Providing a Product With:

  • A Large Range Of Colors at No Extra Cost
  • A Simple Assembly Method
  • All Galvanized (G90) Steel Frame Members
  • Bolt/Screw Together Components
  • Entry Doors, Garage Doors, Windows and Other Accessories
  • Lean-To Attachments and/or Interior Divide Walls
  • Light and Strong Components That Are Easy To Handle and Assemble
  • Longer Life Span and Little Maintenance
  • No Welding Required
  • Partial or Full Mezzanines and/or Gambrel Shapes
  • Spans from 12’ To 70’ Clear or 120’ Posted X Any Length (Maximum Width Based On Snow,
    Wind and Exposure)
  • Special Hi-Grip Roof Fasteners to Greatly Reduce Leaking Opportunities
  • Time And Money Savings Using Outback’s Design Software
Structural engineering works||||

Providing Structural Engineering With:

  • Any Dimensions within Our Scope without Custom Pricing
  • Regard For Specific Snow, Wind, Exposure and Seismic Criteria
  • Standard Building Designs and Custom Needs
  • The Foundation Engineering Included As Slab or Piers
  • Wet Stamped Engineered Drawings and Printed Calculations Specific to Your Building Site
Earth friendly design||||

Providing an Earth Friendly Design:

  • Adaptable To Most Architectural Finishes
  • Eliminating Hazardous Building Materials
  • Incorporating 25% Recycled Materials into a Totally
    Recyclable Product

Save Time and Money 

In addition, each custom building comes with wet stamp calculated drawings and printed calculations specific to your site. From lean-to attachments to light and strong components that are easy to handle without a lot of equipment, our time and money saving options are great for your steel building needs and budget.

Our galvanized steel buildings never rust and we utilize outback design software to come up with whatever size you are looking for in your custom building. We are insured for your protection and
our manufacturer carries a 45-year warranty against chalking and fading on painted siding and
roofing panels.

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